This agreement represents a Service Level Agreement (“SLA” or “Agreement”) between Linda Soto  Cleaning, LLC (hereafter known as the Company) and the client named in this estimate (hereafter  known as the Client). 

The Client desires to have certain cleaning, housekeeping, and/or janitorial services performed at the  Client’s residential location. 

Therefore, the parties at this moment agree as follows: 

Linda Soto Cleaning, LLC guarantees 100% satisfaction from the client for all services completed. 

If Client is unsatisfied with any work completed by the cleaning crew, Client agrees to notify the  Company the same day services were rendered so that we can correct any discrepancies found by  Client. 

The Client agrees to adhere to a schedule consisting of routine services rendered on the same day and  time for consistency. If the Client must make changes to the agreed schedule due to an unforeseen  event, the Company agrees to reschedule the services for the same week at no extra charge. 

If the Client cancels services for the entire week, fees will be applied based on the rescheduled  date. 

The Client agrees to make any cancellations by the Friday before the scheduled week of service. 

There will be a $50.00 cancellation fee made for any cancellations made by the client less than 24  hours before the service. 

If the Client cancels all services for a period of two months or longer, Deep Cleaning will be  required to continue regular cleaning services. 

The Client must provide the Company with a spare key or inform the Company where the cleaning crew  can find a spare key to gain entrance to the residence. The client will also provide the Company with  any alarm or entry codes.  

If the cleaning crew is unable to gain entrance to the location, it will be considered a last-minute  cancellation, and the Client will incur a $50.00 fee. 

The Company agrees not to answer the door nor allow visitors in a while servicing the Client’s  residence. 

The Client agrees to give the Company notice if anyone enters the residence while the Client is off-site,  and the cleaning crew is servicing the residence. 

Once the Company completes the initial Deep Cleaning of the Client’s residence, the Company will  assign the Client a cleaning crew.

For consistency, and whenever possible, the same cleaning crew will be assigned to service the Client.  If, at any time, the same cleaning crew cannot service the Client due to time off or termination. It is  important to note that the Company assures the Client that detailed notes of the services will be taken  and added to the Company’s data log on Jobber to guarantee 100% satisfaction with services. 

If a new cleaning crew must be assigned, the Company agrees to provide the new cleaning crew with  all detailed Jobber instructions to service the Client’s residence. 

The Client agrees to allow the Company to adjust the residence’s temperature as needed  depending on the weather conditions. 

For optimized cleaning services, the Client will be responsible for preparing for the cleaning crew by  completing the following: 

Ensure that everything that is considered garbage is put into garbage bins. The cleaning crew will never  assume anything is garbage and will not throw anything away. Anything in garbage bins will be  disposed of. 

For efficient vacuuming, all belongings, such as clothing, shoes, or any personal belongings, should be  removed from the floor, under the bed, and in small areas. Due to vacuum clogging, any room that  contains personal belongings on the floor will not be vacuumed. 

Ensure that all personal belongings or items have been removed from the floor. If you would prefer the  cleaning crew to pick up, organize, and tidy up during your scheduled day, please notify us in advance.  Note that if such services are requested, your services may need to be extended, and extra charges will  be added. 

For sanitation purposes, provide 10 microfiber rags and towels. Rags and towels must be  washed and available for the cleaning crew to utilize. 

Pet and human waste are considered biohazards due to the potential for disease. As a result,  cleaning them requires additional personal protection equipment/ supplies. To avoid this extra  charge, please make sure the home is absent from any pet or human waste before our arrival. 

The cleaning crew cannot move furniture heavier than 50 lbs. Any furniture heavier than 50 lbs  is subject to damage to floors, walls, and furniture. We recommend that customers advise cleaning  crews of any delicate furniture, including all old furniture, that may lead to damaging the floor. 

Garbage Disposal: Our standard cleaning services do not include hauling garbage unless  specifically requested by the client in advance. If the client wishes to include this service, it must be  communicated and arranged in advance, and additional fees will apply. Please note that we do not have  on-site dumpsters, and arrangements need to be made for proper disposal, incurring extra fees. 

Miscellaneous services can be completed upon request. Use Jobber to request any extra  services needed, and we will send you a quote. Once you have accepted the quote, we will schedule  the service. Additional services should be requested the Friday before your scheduled services. 

Dishwashing Policy 

  1. Included Dishwashing Service:

* We will wash dishes that are left from breakfast of the morning of the scheduled cleaning,  provided that the task takes no longer than 10 minutes. 

  1. Additional Dishwashing Service: 

* For any dishes beyond those from breakfast of the morning of the cleaning, or if the  dishwashing task exceeds 10 minutes, we are happy to provide this service as an additional  service. 

* The additional dishwashing service will be charged based on the time spent with our team. * The rate for this additional service is $40 per hour per cleaning lady. 

* The total charge will be calculated based on the actual time spent on dishwashing, rounded  to the nearest 15 minutes. 

Please note that these charges are in addition to the regular cleaning service fee. Wall Cleaning Policy 

  1. Scope of Wall Cleaning: 

* We aim to clean surface dirt, smudges, and marks from walls within our standard  procedures. 

* Some stains, discoloration, or damage may require painting or repairs beyond cleaning.  Such additional services are not included in the regular cleaning fee. 

  1. Bed changing: 

* To help us serve you more efficiently, please have the second set of sheets out and ready  for the cleaning team. 

We do not include fireplace cleaning in our regular services. If you require fireplace cleaning, please  request this service in advance. Additional fees will apply, and these will be reflected on the final  invoice. 

Once the Client and the Company agree on the service that will be provided routinely and frequently,  the Client understands that there will be no substitutions. Any services other than what was regularly  decided on must be requested on Jobber by the Client. The Company will then send out a quote for  Client approval. 

The client agrees to make payments via Jobber. The Client will be able to save their payment  information on Jobber and the Company can set up automatic payment once services have been  completed. The client agrees that payment will be made on the same day services have been provided. The client understands that failure to pay upon completion of services will result in an initial  $25.00 late payment fee and a $5.00 fee for each additional day payment is not received. 

The Client understands that in the unusual circumstance that the cleaning crew causes any  damage to the Client’s property, the Company will ensure it is repaired.

The Client further understands that the Company will use its own maintenance technician to do repairs. 

The Client can provide cleaning supplies or can choose for the Company to provide the cleaning  supplies. 

Cleaning supplies for deep cleanings will cost $20.00. 

Cleaning supplies for routine services will be $15.00. 

If the Company provides the paper towels at the moment of the service cleaning, a $4 per roll will be  applied to your bill. 

The Client can find a list of cleaning supplies at: 


The client agrees to the non-solicitation of service providers. During the term in which the service  provider services the client’s residential dwelling and for a period of 24 months following the  termination of the service provider, the Client may not directly or indirectly (i) solicit, employ or retain,  or have or cause any other person or entity to solicit employ or retain, any person whom the company  contracted, (ii) encourage any such person not to devote their services to the Company, or (iii) agree  to hire or employ any such person. 

By accepting the quote provided by the Company, the Client also agrees to the terms of the Service  level agreement. 

his quote is valid for the next 30 days, after which values may be subject to change.